Objectives & Benefits of Our Services

Capstone Leadership Group provides entrepreneurial creativity with broad knowledge of effective business strategies for companies experiencing obstacles or opportunities they need help managing. Our highly systemized and process-driven approach transforms organizations and provides sustainable outcomes, including a deliberately defined companywide culture.

Example of our Work Trade Services

Scope Of Work

Capstone Leadership Group operates primarily in the realm of small to medium-sized enterprises, restoring value or creating value through interim, organizational leadership. The Capstone Leadership Group team generally reports to a company’s founder, Board of Directors, or Private Equity Group. This process is facilitated through a comprehensive Scope of Work, which establishes accountability, manages expectations, and, ultimately, produces a dramatically faster and smoother transition. The Scope of Work is the company’s roadmap for strategic transfer of leadership, specifically charted for the next phase of the business’ lifecycle.

Our Process

The Capstone leadership Group provides the experience and process to assist our clients in reaching their goals. Our CEO, COO and CFO leadership, crafts and manages the entire framework; providing a structure for the founders to transition to their highest and best use, becoming stronger, more effective leaders. Equally important, Capstone will establish the optimum framework, resulting in a culture and operating environment that is sustainable. Capstone’s team has the talent and aptitude to carry out the agreed upon plan as it grows and develops; exceeding our clients expectations.

Phase I  –  Assessment
We begin the process with an assessment, resulting in a comprehensive Scope of Work. The Scope of Work identifies and addresses opportunities and challenges, including the twelve prioritized disciplines that are collaboratively assigned during this evaluative process. The completed Scope of Work, will serve as the basis for the execution stage of the engagement, in Phase II.

Phase II  –  Execution
After the successful completion of Phase I, the Scope of Work provides a planning and accountability tool for the desired results; at which point, the agreed upon priorities and respective timeline will be clarified. Consistent with the Phase II executables, companies begin to see a diminishing cost for the Capstone services, viewed as a self-funded contribution, in the form of enhanced earnings and efficiencies for our client companies.


Phase I is an organizational assessment, resulting in a detailed Scope of Work and process-driven strategy for the client company. The natural evolution of the process is realized through execution, in Phase II.  Phase II provides the implementation of fundamentals and the operating framework defined in the Scope of Work. This step systematically accomplishes the short-term and long-term objectives, in prioritized fashion.

The Capstone team is committed to assisting our clients in reaching their long-term goals and will serve as a resource and valued partner in achieving their success. We welcome the opportunity to assist in creating an even brighter future for our clients and their stakeholders.


Capstone Leadership Group uses a unique, three-phase interrelated strategy—clarify, execute, sustain—which is carried out by a “Leadership for Hire.” The Capstone leadership team works alongside the company’s owners or shareholders to ensure optimal outcomes that provide a more stable capital structure and enhance the company’s value.

Importantly, the “Leadership for Hire” is supported by a virtual think tank of Capstone professionals, offering an unparalleled level of intellectual capital with the ability to ensure optimal performance through systems, processes, and checks and balances that result in fewer errors and translate to enhanced earnings.

The Capstone Leadership Group bandwidth is extraordinary, providing clients with a built-in board of advisors of the highest levels of competency.

Capstone Leadership Group’s three-phase strategy includes comprehensive actions, with duplicative controls, such as:

  • Providing a formal framework and proven protocol for communicating progress and soliciting feedback.
  • Facilitating change to achieve desired results.
  • Recognizing and rewarding initiative and integrity.
  • Creating companywide alignment, including the Board, Founders, and leadership team.
  • Utilizing a methodical approach that will positively and continuously impact the company culture at every level.
  • Providing leadership appropriate to the needs of the organization at each stage in development without the risks inherent in a permanent hire.
  • Providing ongoing support while tracking progress toward the desired goal.