Our proven continuum for strategic growth


Strategic and decisive implementation of all internal and eternal disciplines to maximize business value and longevity.


Identify  critical  success  factors  for  viability  and  strategic  implementation  –  beginning  with  the end  in  mind.


Cultural transition to sustained economic viability, continuous improvement and organizational integrity as a result of the Capstone Enterprise Development Framework.

Who We Are

Capstone Leadership Group is a team of highly skilled and perceptive executive managers, who provide precise guidance for companies facing the challenges and opportunities that arise during the phases of transition.  Our “Leadership for Hire” model, pulls from diverse backgrounds, including; accounting, law, business, marketing, and human resources to address client issues quickly, identify make-or-break success factors, and tap the most effective combination of internal and external resources to achieve the desired outcome. Our proven system provides the right leadership to ensure optimum performance, including a strong company-wide culture and stable capital structure.  We are committed to providing our clients with real results, through execution, accountability, and a sustainable vision, which differentiates Capstone from traditional business consulting firms. Learn more about us .

What We Do

Capstone Leadership Group helps businesses in diverse industries successfully navigate difficult transition stages, involving issues such as stalled or declining growth, unmanageable or hyper-growth, family business succession, capitalization concerns, and leadership development needs. By implementing our unique Leadership for Hire model, Capstone brings clients proven leaders and management know-how to immediately assert control and implement a rigorous transition plan. The organizations stakeholders gain perfect clarity of their roles and accountability during transition and beyond.  Enterprise specific outcomes are measured, and the plan is responsive to the marketplace. Our hand-selected and proven Leadership for Hire candidates are unique—his or her experience and global attributes in a wide variety of business disciplines, ensures the ongoing success and continuous improvement of each Capstone engagement. Learn more about our services.